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Robot Drives Car, Scares Fast Food Workers (Video)

YouTube user MagicofRahat recently built a robot and pranked fast food workers at various drive-thru windows (video below).

In the video, the magician/prankster is seated behind the driver's seat, which is occupied by his glowing robot, “IO,” notes

Several of the drive-thru employees scream and/or run away at sight of the robot "driving" the car.

MagicofRahat adds a speaking voice to his mechanic monster and turns its head, which also frightens workers, although one group of employees find it entertaining.

MagicofRahat pulled a similar prank in 2013 with a skeleton in the driver's seat, noted; that video got over 12 million views.

MagicOfRahat has more prank videos on his YouTube page.

Sources:,, YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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