Robot Annoys Telemarketers With Fake Conversation (Video)


It's no secret that telemarketing companies use robots to call and greet their victims before a live salesperson gets on the call. However, a developer has recently invented a robotic program to combat telemarketers (video below).

Roger Anderson's Jolly Roger Telephone Co. robot has a human-sounding voice that can take over the telemarketing call, notes CBS News.

The often-distracted robot asks the telemarketer to repeat what he has just said, and makes small comments such as "uh huh," "OK" and "yeah" to sell the ruse.

Anderson studied the vocal habits of telemarketers, and programmed his robot to respond to their algorithm.

Anyone can use Anderson's robot for free. He has posted instructions on how to conference call the robot into your own call under the pretense of getting the right person on the phone for the telemarketer.

Anderson states on his website: "When you get a call from a telemarketer and they ask something like 'Mr. Jones?', say 'Oh, you want Mr. Jones? Sure hang on – he’s right here…'"

He adds, "Please use sparingly and with restraint. This robot is not meant to prank friends or wrong numbers. I built it to waste the time of the telemarketing industry."

Sources: CBS News, / Photo credit: via YouTube

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