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Rob Kardashian Stars In New Reality TV Show (Video)

Rob Kardashian is starring in a new reality TV show with his fiancee Blac Chyna that will be airing in September (video below).

E! released a trailer of "Rob and Chyna" that shows the two lovebirds embroiled in a cellphone fight, notes PEOPLE.

The video preview shows Chyna screaming: "Are you still texting bitches, yes or no?"

Chyna is also seen tossing a flower bouquet into a swimming pool.

An announcer says: "They're cute. They're complicated. And they're about to become family."

The show also includes appearances by Rob Kardashian's famous family.

Rob is seen exercising with a trainer as his voiceover says: "Trying to get back out to life, it's a big change."

As loyal "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fans know, Rob did not appear on his family's TV reality show for over a year due to some personal issues.

While Rob's new series was filmed months ago, rumors have recently swirled that he and Chyna may have broken up even though she is pregnant with his baby.

PEOPLE reported in July that Rob removed all pictures of Chyna from his Instagram page, which is practically a declaration of social media war in his famous family.

To add insult to injury, Rob did the unthinkable and stopped following Chyna on Instagram.

Their reps would not issue a comment to PEOPLE, but there are six episodes of "Rob and Chyna" to air and a TV special celebrating the soon-to-be parents' bundle of joy.

An unidentified insider told Us Weekly in late July: "Yes, it was a fight, but they will be over it and basically are. They’ve been spending a ton of time together and filming a show together. Add to that the stress of a new relationship and it’s inevitable that there will be some tension and fighting. It was an explosive fight."

Their relationship has caused some friction in the family because Kardashian's half-sister Kylie Jenner is dating Tyga, a rapper who used to date Chyna. However, Kylie and Tyga's relationship has seen its numerous ups and downs, which will not be detailed here for fear of worrying our dear readers.

Sources: PEOPLE (2), Us Weekly / Photo Credit: E! Entertainment/YouTube

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