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'Road Rage' PSA Shows Angry Drivers Why They Should Stay In The Car (Video)

Everyone who drives on a regular basis gets angry sometimes. It is perfectly natural. Stress from other things in your life weighs heavily on your mind during commutes, and that, combined with a particularly inconsiderate driver, can push you over the edge.

We get it.

The key is, no matter how angry you get, to not give in to road rage. There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t give in, but the biggest one is this: you don’t know who will be in the other car. If you mess with the wrong person, it can end very badly for you.

Case in point:

The video is obviously staged, but it sends a powerful message — you just don’t know who the other person is. It could be a world heavyweight champion boxer. It could be some random nut just waiting to make good use of his machete.

No matter how much rage you feel, do the right thing — stay in the car. 

Source/Photo Credit: Youtube


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