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Road Rage Driver Endangers Motorcyclist During Charity Ride For Veterans (Video)


A Jeep driver was caught on video (below) trying to swerve into a motorcyclist during a charity ride for veterans in Texas.

The video, which was posted on YouTube on Nov. 17, depicts a group of veterans and civilians riding motorbikes along a three-lane road as part of Project 22, a charity event to raise public awareness of veteran suicide, when a silver Jeep caught in their midst attempted to swerve around them.

The motorcyclists were accompanied by a military escort and the North Texas Police Motorcade for the event, although the driver of the Jeep was reportedly not aware of the presence of a police escort, reports Mad World News.

At the beginning of the video, the group of bikers appears to be waiting to cross an intersection at a red light when the Jeep appears on the road and tries to pass them on the right.

Two bikers then try to block the Jeep so the rest of the group can pass safely.

But the driver of the Jeep doesn't seem to want to wait.

He backs up and then darts ahead at high speed, going up the curb and driving partly on the grass on the side of the road.

He races alongside one of the motorcyclists that had tried to hold him off, and at one point appears to swerve at the biker, a dangerous move that could have caused serious injury had the two made contact.

At the end of the video, police escort catches up to the driver and pulls him over.

The YouTube video had more than 81,000 views and 62 comments in two days.

Users writing in the comments section expressed mixed opinions about the incident.

"Hope [the Jeep driver] gets a nice fat fine," one user wrote.

"Bravo to the Guy on the Road king and the Kawi rider for letting our Vets pass safely!" another commenter said.

Other users defended the driver of the Jeep.

"What the Jeep did was wrong, but I have to say that I can see his frustration," one poster said. "There is never an excuse to block all lanes of traffic. Not even funeral processions do this. Take the right lane and stick to it."

Project 22 was created in 2013 by Daniel Egbert and Matt King, two U.S. Army combat soldiers and founders of nonprofit organization Medicinal Missions. Egbert and King rode motorcycles on a 6,500-mile cross-country trip to learn more about the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on combat veterans and to raise public awareness of the statistic that 22 veterans die of suicide every day.

Their journey was captured in a documentary film, "Project 22," released in April. 

Sources: Mad World News, Sure News, YouTube, Medicinal Missions Website / Photo credit: Steve Cornish/Flickr

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