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Restaurant Replies To Customer's Review With 'Hilariously Unprofessional' Post (Photo)

Phil Jeruzal was shocked when he saw the response from the director of a restaurant he had reviewed.

Jeruzal had taken his girlfriend to Sunday lunch at the Canada Wood Kitchen and Bar in the U.K., though they believed their experience had been subpar. Afterwards, he decided to leave a politely honest review on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

The 27-year-old praised the restaurant’s location, staff and venue. However, he had a problem with the small portions and high prices. He also complained about the quality of the produce.

Jeruzal admitted that the restaurant was aiming to deliver a high quality experience, but that they hadn’t quite reached their goal.  

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The restaurant’s director Monica Shaw publicly replied -- but her response was anything but professional.

Shaw explained that she would decline Jeruzal's advice and boasted of a “long blue line” of five star reviews. Shaw even suggested that Jeruzal jump out of this PC and “grow a set” before suggesting he message five star reviewers.

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In a statement following the social media battle, Jeruzal explained that he didn’t want to complain about his meal while eating because he didn’t want a confrontation. Jeruzal admitted that it’s probably frustrating for people to complain about a place where you work, but that his comments were merely constructive.

Jeruzal added that the restaurant management’s feisty attitude has “endeared” him to them.

Shaw declined to comment on the Facebook argument. 

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Photo Credit: Farrah Gray, Facebook via NY Daily News


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