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Girl Shocks Restaurant Patrons With Awesome Voice (Video)

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A young girl stunned customers at a McDonald's restaurant when she started belting out an incredible rendition of a Jennifer Hudson song (video below).

Autumn Rae Shannon was out to eat with her mother when she began singing the soul song, prompting nearby customers to take out their phones and document the amazing moment. In a video of the moment, the girl can be seen sitting in her seat passionately singing the song while a customer sitting at a nearby table appears completely shocked.

“How is this little girl not famous, but Drake is?!” one viewer commented on YouTube. 

“OK, how awesome was she? I mean honestly!” another added.

Viewers who watched the clip on Little Things shared their reactions in comments on the site’s Facebook page.

“Oh my goodness! Where does talent come [from] for one so young?? Thank you for the song and stay on track and you will go so far! Good luck and such a lovely voice!” one viewer wrote.

“Holy cow that girls got talent! Wonderful!” another commented. 

Autumn has been singing since she was 2 years old, according to an interview with Yahoo! Movies. 

“She would sing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and she had perfect pitch,” said her mother, Carol, who lost her voice years ago due to an illness. She feels that her daughter inherited singing from her father.

“If God had a plan to take my voice forever so she could be who she is, I'm okay with it,” she said. 

The little girl now has a successful YouTube page, where she’s covered songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Alicia Keys.

“I love singing,” she said. “It is my favorite thing to do. Even when my mom asks me to stop, I just can't!"

Autumn added that she loves performing, especially in front of big crowds.

“My biggest audience was performing for 30,000 people at a cancer fundraiser,” she told Yahoo! Movies. “I like to perform in front of big audiences. When there's a bigger audience, it just feels better!"

Watch the amazing McDonald’s performance below.

Sources: Little Things/Facebook, Yahoo! Movies / Photo credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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