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Restaurant Worker Helps Injured Vet Cut His Pancakes (Video)

Restaurant Worker Helps Injured Vet Cut His Pancakes (Video) Promo Image

A video (below) showing a restaurant worker help an injured veteran cut his pancakes has gone viral. 

The woman's act of kindness was captured by Dallas Smith Jr. as he stopped for a meal at a Huddle House location in Douglas, Georgia. 

As Smith ate, he noticed one of the man's left hand was wrapped in bandages, making it difficult for him to eat his pancakes. The man was eating with a younger man who moved to help, but not before an employee came to their table. 

"The younger man moved his personal plate to the side and was fixing to get [the veteran] situated and that's when the lady behind the counter said, 'I'll get it,'" Smith told WXIA. 

That's when Smith started recording. 

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The short video shows the woman cutting the veteran's pancakes into small pieces so he can eat with one hand. Near the end of the video, the younger man helps out by pouring syrup on the veteran's pancakes. 

Smith posted the video on Nov. 22 and in less than a week it had been seen more than 200,000 times and shared 4,000 times.

"It threw me off because you just don't see people doing stuff like that humbly," Smith told WXIA. "She didn't look around to see who was looking, she just went and did what she needed to do and she wasn't ashamed of it." 

Smith says he's since spoken to the man's family, who said the man is a veteran who was injured while intervening in a domestic dispute, according to Inside Edition. According to the veteran's family, he is a Douglas local and frequently eats at the Huddle House.

The employee in the video has also spoken to Smith, according to Inside Edition. 

"She said, 'I really don't like being recorded -- but if it's going to be a blessing to someone, it's OK,'" he said. "She's a perfect example of what the Bible teaches us to be like. If everyone was more like her, I don't think we'd have many problems." 

Commenters on Smith's post shared his joy at the unselfish act of kindness, leaving good wishes for the employee and praising her selflessness. 

"What a nice thing to do!!"  wrote one commenter.  "Even in the midst of doing her job, she stopped to help that older gentleman. God Bless You."

"That is what the world needs, caring people who will help you when you can't help yourself, true samaritan god bless," wrote another.

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