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Responses To Racist Tweet Go Viral (Photos)

When Kelsey Reynolds tweeted a picture of herself along with a racist remark, she did not expect the kinds of responses she received. Now, the responses themselves are going viral.

"Sorry black boys, only white men can handle this," Reynolds captioned the photo of herself.

What followed was a string of hilarious responses from men trolling the woman for her racist comment.

"On behalf of black men everywhere we whole heartedly support your decision," one Twitter user responded.

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"On behalf of all white people, we sincerely admire your graciousness," another user wrote. "However, we will be declining your generous offer and adamantly urge that the Mexicans take one for the team."

"On behalf of the Mexicans there is some jobs we won't even do maybe the Asians can take this one," another man responded.

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From there, the responses kept coming from men of all races and ethnicities in an effort to publicly shame Reynolds for her insensitive remarks.

This was not the only time Reynolds had been called out for racist remarks, says Nairobi Wire. Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, she tweeted to African Americans who had changed their profile pictures on social media in support of the victims of the attacks.

"Some of u dumb Africans think that.... changing you profile pictures to that of the flag of France will give u a free Visa to enter my County, you lie," Kelsey wrote on Twitter.

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Sources: MensXPNairobi Wire / Photo credit: MensXP

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