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Researchers Pour Lava Onto Ice, Result Looks Like 'Scrambled Eggs From Hell' (Video)

Lava can burn through almost anything. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you poured hot molten lava onto a giant block of ice?

Thanks to an experiment performed by researchers from Outrageous Acts of Science, now we know, and the results resemble “scrambled eggs from hell.”

In the video below, it looks as if the lava is boiling at first, but it is not what you think.

“The lava is so hot that when it’s poured onto the ice, the ice instantly turns not just into water but straight into steam,” nuclear chemist Alistair Linsell said, according to Metro.

Materials chemist Sujata Kundu added: “This steam has to escape, so it bubbles through the lava. So while it looks like the lava itself is boiling, it’s actually the steam being produced that is trying to escape.”

The Syracuse University researchers poured 610 pounds of molten basaltic rock directly onto ice sheets in this video, notes.

Check out the experiment here:

Sources: MetroGeek / Photo Credit: Science Channel/YouTube


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