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Reporters Not Ready For Live TV Newscast (Video)

Two news reporters for WXXV in Biloxi, Mississippi, were caught off guard during a recent newscast (video below)., which noted the mistakes, wondered if the TV station decided to move the "start time of their newscast up and forget to tell the talent?"

The newscast opens with a reporter dressed in a raincoat waiting for her cue. After she teases her story about better drainage, the screen cuts to the beach where a second reporter backs into the camera and adjusts her hair.

The station cuts to a third reporter who gives a promo for a story about the Miss Mississippi teen pageant, and then the picture goes to the news desk where one of the anchor women is adjusting her clothing and looks visibly flustered.

In another local news, KOB 4 Albuquerque, New Mexico, tried to get a comment from Craig Highfill, who was accused of secretly filming children while they used a bathroom, reported

After Highfill took a plea deal, his lawyer Johnn Osborn made an effort to block the KOB cameraman from filming his client as they were leaving the courtroom.

Sources: (2) / Photo Credit: WXXV Screenshot


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