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UK Reporter's Story Gets Drowned Out By Rain (Video)

A news reporter's broadcast on housing got drowned out as cars zoomed passed in the pouring rain and one soaked her to the skin (video below).

On March 20, MustardTV reporter Lauren Hewitt was sent to Costessey, in Norwich, England, on a rainy day to report on housing in the area. The camera was angled at Hewitt, who chose to stand next to a busy street, under an umbrella protecting her from the rain falling from above.

She began her story with a pun, but she didn't know at the time it wouldn't just be her clever play on words that would draw in viewers and make them smile, Daily Mail explains.

"We start in Costessey, which today has been described as saturated. Not by rain, but by houses. Thousands have been built here over the last..." Hewitt immediately stopped reporting when a car drove past, splashing her with a wall of muddy water from a puddle in the gutter.

Hewitt, whose jaw had dropped as the water ran down her back, began to laugh and candidly swore, with cameras still rolling.

She jumped away from the street to prevent being soaked again. But the cars weren’t done dampening what seemed to be a good story.

As she turned around to face the street after her first drenching, Hewitt was splattered again with the brownish liquid.

Keeping up her spirit, Hewitt continued to laugh with her camera crew.

MustardTV embraced the comical report, and shared it with its Twitter followers.

"Miserable Monday? Could be worse. You weren't sent to soggy Costessey & forced to stand next to a puddle like our reporter [Lauren Hewitt]," the station wrote.

The tweet got a number of comments, and media from around the world reported on the incident.

Many of the comments stated that the video provided a nice splash of positivity on an otherwise gloomy start to the workweek.

One person tweeted, "MustardTV [Lauren Hewitt] I didn't laugh ... Much."

"MustardTV [Lauren Hewitt] sorry to giggle at your expense-but was needed & v.appreciated today.TY! Hope u got fluffy towels & hot choc?" another Twitter user responded.

In response to all the support and comments, Hewitt graciously tweeted in response to the viral video.

"I'm not sure I'll ever be dry again!' she tweeted.

MustardTV is a small local TV channel in the U.K. with a "strong Norwich flavour." The station's "About Us" section on the website evokes the kind of humor Hewitt displayed.

The channel covers all topics such as news, finance, fashion, current events and, as in Hewitt's story, housing. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Mustard TV, Twitter / Photo credit: Daily Mail Via Mustard TV

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