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Reporter Discovers Cute And Fuzzy Commuter Honking A Car Horn (Video)

Ryan Burns of Eureka, California, heard someone honking their car horn for several minutes outside the offices of Lost Coast Outpost, a local news organization. Burns went to investigate, but instead of a rude driver, he found a cute commuter. A bulldog was leaning on the SUV’s steering wheel.

"I went down there thinking I'm going to mean mug the guy doing this," Burns told the New York Daily News. "When I saw the dog I immediately thought this was hilarious.”

Burns shot a video of the horn-blaring pooch, which he posted on the Lost Coast Outpost’s website. Commenters who claimed to know the owner said the dog had been in the car for only 10 minutes, and Burns added that the temperature was cool and the dog didn’t appear to be in any danger.

Burns later walked up to the car and motioned for the dog to stop stepping on the horn. The bulldog complied.

Sources: New York Daily News, Lost Coast Outpost / Image via YouTube


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