Report: OJ Simpson's Parole In Jeopardy For Masturbation

Report: OJ Simpson's Parole In Jeopardy For Masturbation Promo Image

A new report says former NFL player O.J. Simpson's parole may be in jeopardy because he was caught masturbating in his prison cell by a female guard in the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada.

"He is facing a disciplinary hearing after being written up for masturbating in his prison cell," an unidentified prison source told the Daily Mail. "He was caught by a female corrections officer making her normal rounds in late June."

The 70-year-old inmate was imprisoned in 2008 after being convicted on one count of burglary with use of a deadly weapon, three counts of conspiracy and two counts each of kidnapping, robbery, assault and coercion, which all included use of a deadly weapon, notes ESPN.

The crimes happened while Simpson and some friends were confronting memorabilia dealers who had some Simpson souvenirs at a Las Vegas casino in 2007, notes the Daily Mail.

The source added: "While it's not the most serious charge to be written up for in prison, it's serious enough that any potential parole date maybe be delayed or his parole denied all together."

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Simpson will appear in front of the Nevada Department of Corrections Parole Board on July 20 before he has a disciplinary hearing on the alleged masturbation.

"The guy did a lot of time on a robbery charge, I expect he'll probably be paroled," said retired Clark County District Attorney David Roger, who convicted Simpson.

Roger says Simpson turned down a plea bargain of 2 1/2 years: "He had plenty of opportunity to enter a plea to do far less time. He thought he was invincible. He wanted to roll the dice."

Simpson was reportedly written up for solo masturbation under the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003, a federal law that is supposed to deter sexual assaults in prison. Masturbation is not specifically mentioned in the law, but many states consider self-pleasuring to be a sexual offense.

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Brook Keast, a public information officer for the Nevada Department of Corrections, said that masturbation can be a violation if "the officer believes the inmates actions were intentional."

Keast explained how the masturbation investigation will proceed:

It's up to the discretion of the correctional officer to decide the intent. If the officer believes the actions were intentional the inmate would be written up for MJ30 violation. A hearing would be held where the inmate will be given a chance to testify and tell his version of events.

If found guilty by prison officials the severity of the punishment would vary depending on what prison officials believe the intentions of the violation were. It could range from something as a simple write-up to good time credited being taken away from the inmate. It depends on a lot of factors.

An unidentified insider told the Daily Mail how Simpson is worried about the alleged masturbation violation:

O.J. is sweating bullets over his write up. He had been intentionally laying low for the past few months to avoid any problems and now this write-up could cost his freedom for his planned October release. He is his own worst enemy.

If O.J. doesn't make parole this time it's going to devastate him, he is planning on being granted parole and leave Lovelock on October 1. It's going to be up to the parole board to decide whether or not his violation is going to play a part in his planned October parole date.

Sources: Daily Mail, ESPN / Photo credit: Charles LeBlanc/Flickr, Nevada Department of Corrections, Jobs For Felons Hub/Flickr

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