Report: Man Apologized For Allegedly Raping Wrong Lady

Henry Romero, a male model who is accused of raping a woman in a New York City apartment on March 21, reportedly apologized for mistaking the alleged victim for her roommate.

The roommate recently told the New York Post: "He went into my room, thinking it was me! I heard [the victim] say, 'Get off me! Get off me!' and then he said, 'I’m sorry! I thought you were [your roommate.]'"

The roommate said that Romero had been out drinking with both women and some male friends. According to the roommate, she was Romero's date for the evening.

The roommate recalled that she told Romero that he could sleep on her floor to avoid a long trip home, but she left the gay bar where they were partying early because Romero acted "weird."

The roommate told the New York Post: "He said, 'I want you to dance for me -- that’s why I brought you here.' The way he said it was just weird."

By the time the roommate made it back home, Romero was already sleeping on her floor, but the alleged victim was sleeping in the roommate's bed, said the roommate.

The roommate remembered she went to sleep in the alleged victim's bed, but woke up at 6 a.m. and heard Romero apologizing.

The alleged victim reportedly yelled at Romero: "What do you mean! She’s blond and I have black hair!"

Romero, who is free on $3,000 bail, is scheduled to be in court on August 1.

The New York Post could not reach Romero's lawyer, Phillip Hamilton, for a comment.

Police sources told the newspaper on June 14 that the alleged victim woke up and found her pants pulled down while Romero was kissing her neck and having non-consensual sex with her.

The alleged victim told police what happened on April 7, and the cops arrested Romero on April 25, according to the police sources.

Romero was charged with first-degree rape, but pleaded not guilty.

In more crime news, a juror from the Bill Cosby trial told ABC News that 10 jurors believed the comedian was guilty of digitally penetrating Andrea Constand without consent in 2004, but two jurors thought he was innocent.

According to the juror, who insisted on remaining anonymous, 11 jurors did not think Constand was unconscious or unaware during the alleged assault, and voted to acquit Cosby on that charge.

The juror said that 10 jurors thought Cosby was guilty of giving Constand drugs without her knowledge to stop or weaken her resistance.

The two jurors who saved Cosby from conviction on two counts were "not moving, no matter what," the juror told ABC News.

The juror recalled how any talk of any other alleged Cosby victims was cut off in the jury room: "We never brought anything outside in. Never. Not once. If somebody would mention something, we would cut them off."

Sources: New York Post (2), ABC News / Photo credit: roga muffin/Flickr

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