Report: Mariah Carey Has Entrance Song At Restaurant


Singer Mariah Carey reportedly entered a restaurant in Capri, Italy, as one of her songs played on July 24.

"She literally had an entrance song," an unidentified source told Page Six. "[Her entourage] brought the playlist and asked the restaurant to play it."

The source said Carey's tunes played throughout the night, including "Fantasy," her hit from 1995, which created a frenzy.

"She was in a great mood and was nice to everyone, even posing for some pictures with some kids," the source added.

In more Page Six news, pop singer Justin Bieber turned down a recent acting role as a pop star in a film called "Uber Girl."

Pete O’Neill, who co-wrote the film, told the gossip site, "[Bieber] won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script."

O’Neill is looking to cast Bieber's ex-girlfriend singer Selena Gomez, as well as singer Ariana Grande and actress Kieran Shipka.

In more celeb news, the Daily Mail recently interviewed some former Scientology members who dished on actor Tom Cruise and Scientology head David Miscavige.

Gary Morehead, the ex-head of security at the religion's main complex in Hemet, California, recalled when Cruise and Miscavige went to Las Vegas and brought back big money, which amazed church members who allegedly toiled away for pennies in "harsh" working conditions.

The church told the news site that church members enjoy a high standard of living and are not employed under harsh conditions.

Morehead said:

"I know a couple of times he [Cruise] and Dave went to Vegas. They'd go out gambling because I saw the big rolls of cash that were sitting on the table up at the Officers' Lounge in the Star of California.

"I knew that they had just come back and I asked about what was all that cash, and was told by Tom's steward: 'Yes, that's what Dave and Tom brought back, they just won that.'

"There were two rolls -- really huge fat rolls -- so fat you couldn't hold them in your hands. A significant amount of cash, as they were $100 bills. I understood it to be about $30,000 or $40,000 each. I was told that one was Dave's and one was Tom's and it was what they won in Vegas. I was shocked they even went. It was shortly after 'Days of Thunder.'

"Dave would go and have fun with Tom, it was really odd. I thought: 'It's gambling, you know, here we are in a church, that's weird.' But if anyone can break the rules, Number One and Two can. It's a real bromance between them. They do everything together -- exercise and cigar smoke together."

Sources: Page Six (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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