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Larry King's Wife Allegedly Cheating On Him

After 19 years of marriage, Larry King's wife Shawn is accused of having an affair with another man.

Shawn King, 57, is allegedly having an affair with another man behind the back of her husband of 19 years, Larry King, 82. The talk show host's wife has been having "steamy afternoon sex sessions" with an unnamed man, as well as sending the man racy photos, reports the National Enquirer according to an article in the Daily Mail.

Larry and Shawn nearly divorced in 2010 amid rumors that Larry had cheated on his wife with her sister. The couple reconciled and stopped the proceedings. The couple has two teenage sons together.

Shawn is Larry King's eighth wife. He has been divorced seven times.

According to the Daily Mail, Shawn recently texted her lover that "Larry made another joke about me having an affair." She allegedly said that Larry told her she "looked cute in my glasses like a school teacher... having an affair with one of my students."

A friend of Larry's reportedly told Page Six that the longtime talk show host is "heartbroken" over the rumors, adding that he is "embarrassed and furious."

It has not yet been confirmed whether the rumors are true or if the couple plans to file for divorce.

"All options are being considered," King's friend told Page Six. "Nothing has been ruled out."

The source says Shawn had previously considered leaving Larry for the other man, but that the man was hesitant about the decision.

The source said that Shawn "stays with him for the kids' sake," and that she "loves being Mrs. Larry King and the travel."

Page Six reports that lawyers have called the National Enquirer story "inaccurate."

Sources: Daily MailPage Six / Photo credit: Instagram via Daily Mail

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