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Report: Justin Bieber Refused $5 Million For GOP Event

The Republican National Convention featured appearances by actors Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr., but some GOP donors reportedly couldn't get pop singer Justin Bieber to come to Cleveland despite an offer of $5 million.

Unidentified sources at CAA, the talent agency that reps Bieber, told TMZ the pop singer was offered the big payout for a 45-minute performance near the convention.

The person promoting the event told Bieber's reps that the concert was "not political," and there would not be any GOP endorsements.

Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, who is a strong supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and even hosted a fundraiser for her, and CAA opposed the offer, which they reportedly felt was "100 percent political."

Braun was willing to consider the offer if Bieber's appearance could include some "Black Lives Matter" banners, but the GOP donors would only allow "All Lives Matter," a common push back against the "Black Lives Matter" movement, notes TMZ.

The Republicans bankrolling the event also said the Canadian pop singer could not say anything bad about their party or their party's nominee, Donald Trump.

According to TMZ, Braun told Bieber he would quit as his manager if Bieber did the event.

The unidentified sources told the gossip site that the event's promoter told Bieber that NBA player LeBron James would be attending, but Bieber's reps called James' reps who said that was not true, and encouraged Bieber to skip it.

Bieber's own band members, who are all black, also opposed the show.

Gawker reported in April that Bieber may have "liked" a video that Trump posted on his Instagram page.

The video was quick clip of Trump saying, "Let's make America great again," followed by a graphic urging Wisconsin voters to support him in the primary, which was closing in a little over two hours.

There was a purported screenshot of Bieber's "like," but Gawker added that it scrolled through the thousands of "likes" of the video and could not find Bieber, although the singer may have later "unliked" the video.

Sources: TMZ, Gawker / Photo credit: Flickr

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