Anthony Weiner Caught Flirting Online Again

Former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York was allegedly caught flirting online again.

During a trip to Los Angeles on July 25, Weiner reportedly chatted with a person whom he thought was a female college student named "Nikki" using the private direct messaging feature on Twitter, the New York Post reports. However, the supposed-college student was actually a young, Republican male who set out to "catfish" Weiner.

After his first cyber scandal in 2011, Weiner resigned from Congress, and after his second in 2013, he lost his bid to become mayor of New York City.

Weiner reportedly messaged the Republican from a hotel room in Los Angeles, where he appeared on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher."

In one direct message, the former politician said he was "deceptively strong ... like a mongoose."

"I moved the TV so I could hear/see it while in the shower," Weiner wrote in another message. "I dropped it. Neighbor complained. Me Towel. Tv. Floor. And now concierge on the way."

"Nikki" wrote back: "Come out with just the towel on when he/she knocks, would pretty much = a tip for the concierge."

At one point, Weiner reportedly wrote about an imaginary concierge "wearing strappy black heels and just left work to come welcome" him to the city.

Nikki joked about having a staff to retrieve her Ubers, and Weiner wrote back: "I’m pretty sure there's a 'my staff' joke here."

Weiner reportedly gave out his cellphone number and added, "Text and I’ll hit that location button thing," a feature that allows users to share their location with others.

In response to the New York Post's report, Weiner said: "I can confirm that I am indeed deceptively strong like a mongoose."

Weiner added that the direct messaging on Twitter was a "playful joust with an obvious catfish," although it's not clear why he would indulge in a joust since his wife, Huma Abedin, is the vice chairwoman of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The Republican, who attends a college in New York City, said all that was needed to start the trickery was to retweet and comment on one of Weiner’s tweets.

"The amount of effort this took was the most alarming thing given his history," the Republican added. "I was trying to think how to get him to say something stupid without making it so obvious."

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Thomas Good/NLN via Wikimedia Commons

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