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Sunglasses Might Prove Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant (Photos)

Sunglasses Might Prove Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant (Photos) Promo Image

Another clue has emerged in the mystery surrounding the rumored pregnancy of reality television star Khloe Kardashian.

The co-star of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" was reported in September to be expecting her first child with NBA star Tristan Thompson, the Daily Mail notes.

However, she has yet to make it official, which has been keeping the rumor mill going.

In November, she posted an Instagram photo that led some fans to conclude that she'd had a nose job, though at least one commenter concluded that her seemingly changed appearance was due to pregnancy, referring to it as a "preggo glow."

The same day, Khloe posted about her new deal with a sunglasses company. The caption read: "Exciting news, babes!! I've partnered with @diffeyewear to design my own exclusive collection just in time for the holidays. Together, we're striving to help those in need around the world by donating a pair of reading glasses for every pair of sunglasses sold in the collection."

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A Dec. 17 Instagram post promoting the same line of sunglasses might offer the strongest evidence that she's pregnant since tagging Tristan in a December selfie, accompanied by the words "Hey daddy."

In the sunglasses selfie, what appears to be a pregnancy pillow can be seen in the reflection of her shades.

Many expectant mothers use a pregnancy pillow for extra comfort, and for helping to attain correct posture while in bed, explains the Daily Mail, which contacted Khloe's representatives for further comment.

But the evidence is not conclusive, because Khloe's sister, Kylie Kardashian, is also pregnant, so the pillow in question could belong to her. 

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Kylie, too, has maintained an air of mystery regarding her reported pregnancy, while continuing to post selfies regularly on Instagram and dropping hints.

On hint occurred in a recent episode of the family reality show, where Kylie was seen purchasing pink baubles. And in October she posted an image on social media of her Lip Kit phone cases, with a pink and blue edition, accompanied by the question: "Which one? I'm thinking blue."

But hints are the only thing her fans will get, because she is reportedly intent on not confirming her pregnancy until a baby is born, so as to "focus on her health and happiness."

An anonymous source told People magazine that "Kylie isn't going to publicly address her pregnancy until she gives birth. She's not doing any public appearances and just wanted to take six months off."

Another source told the same publication: "Even though this is a very exciting time for her, she wants to be more private for now and is doing her best to stay out of the public eye. She feels good, but her body is changing. She doesn't want to be photographed. At the moment, she wants more privacy. She has family and friends come to her house instead so she has company."

While Khloe and Kylie continue to provide their fans with nothing more than tantalizing clues, older sister Kim Kardashian has confirmed that she and rapper Kanye West are having a third child via surrogate.

As for the show that has made celebrities of the entire Kardashian clan, the E! network just extended its contract for five more seasons in a deal worth a reported $150 million. 

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram via Daily Mail

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