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Referee Knocked Out During Mixed Martial Arts Fight (Video)

A referee was knocked out during a mixed martial arts fight at the Lebanese Muay Thai Arab Championship in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 2.

Mediaite notes that a fighter's blow appeared to hit the ref on the shoulder, not in the head, but still took him out.

A brief Instagram video of the incident went viral, but a longer YouTube video (below) shows what happened after the blow: Several other referees jump into the ring and try to revive the stunned ref, who eventually stumbles to his feet and staggers out of the ring.

One of the fighters, Kru Yai Rocky Kiblawi (Rocky K), wrote about the incident on his Facebook page:

This might happen once every 5 or 6 years and it happened last night! While Rocky (in Red) was fighting a harsh battle against his fierce contender for the Gold Medal at the Arab Muay Thai championship, the referee was savagely knocked out and fell completely out of it. We wish him a safe recovery.

In more sports news, two penalties cost golfer Lexi Thompson the ANA Inspiration on April 2.

On April 1, Thompson marked her ball's position with a coin, but later put the ball back about one inch from where the ball originally sat. This was brought to the attention of the Ladies Professional Golf Association by a viewer's email.

The LPGA cited Thompson with a two-stroke penalty, and then another two-stroke penalty for signing a scorecard that was not correct at the end of the day.

Thompson found out about the penalties on April 2, but was still able to face So Yeon Ryu in a playoff match; however, Ryu won.

If Thompson had not been hit with the penalties, she would have won the tournament.

Thompson was in tears during an interview with the Golf Channel after losing the tournament

"It’s unfortunate what happened," she said. "I did not mean that at all. I didn’t realize I did that. I felt strong through the finish, and it was great to see the fans behind me."

The Golf Channel reporter asked Thompson what she would write 10 years from now about this loss, and she said: "I learned a lot about myself, and how much fight I do have in me. I don’t know. Every day is a learning process. I wasn’t expecting what happened today. But it is what it is. It happens, and I’ll learn from it and hopefully do better."

Thompson was asked if she was proud of her play, and she replied: "I am proud, just the way I played coming in. I am a very emotional person. I fought strong, and that's all I can do."

Sources: Mediaite (2), Kru Yai Rocky Kiblawi/Facebook / Photo Credit: Kru Yai Rocky Kiblawi/Facebook

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