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See It: Student Realizes Teacher Skims Homework Answers, Does Something Awesome (Photo)

One Reddit user, who apparently got tired of his teacher skimming his written responses, decided to write Hamlet’s famous soliloquy in the margins of his homework (below).

“My Comp 2 teacher never actually reads our homework,” the user wrote.

Instead of answering questions based on the Working Poor, the Reddit user responded with random lines from Hamlet’s speech.

His suspicions were confirmed when he received full credit for the random answers.

Other Reddit users responded that they had experienced similar marks from teachers during their education.

“When I was in high school, I wrote in the middle of one of my papers ‘Mr [Teacher's Name], do you actually read all of these papers?’” one user wrote. “He wrote in red ink right next to it, ‘I don’t read all of them, but I read this one!'”

Another user wrote that he had written something similar on a history paper, then gotten called out for it in class. 

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Sources: Reddit, Mirror

Photo Credit: Reddit 


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