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Red Concrete Cracks Show Up Across The Country To Highlight Human Trafficking (Photos)


Red cracks in concrete are showing up across the U.S., symbolizing the growing problem of human trafficking. 

The #RedSandProject, which fills concrete cracks with blood-red sand to highlight human trafficking victims who too often “fall through the cracks,” is a campaign launched by Molly Gochman — an NYC-based artist who grew up in Houston, Texas. 

“My philanthropy is to empower women and girls. I read a [New York Times] Nicholas Kristof column about commercial sexual exploitation. I learned that there's a lot of trafficking going on in the U.S,” Gochman told the Houston Chronicle. 

“I just started it in December, and it's been spread through word of mouth. It's been really gratifying to have victims tell me, ‘Thank you for giving us an image that doesn't exploit us.’”

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On Gochman’s website, those interested in getting involved can order free Red Sand Project tool kits, which can be used to fill sidewalk cracks with red sand.

Participants are then encouraged to document their efforts on social media using the #RedSandProject hashtag. 

“These interventions remind us that we can’t merely walk over the most marginalized people in our communities — those who fall through the metaphoric cracks. The simple act of placing sand in a crack or posting a photo on social media may seem inconsequential, but small actions can help raise awareness of the issues facing those who are overlooked,” Gochman wrote on her website.

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Sources: Molly Gochman, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: Mad World News

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