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This Is The Mythical Reason Why Couples Are Getting Red String Tattoos


Don’t be startled if you see people with a red line around their finger that looks like blood – no, they haven’t been cut; rather, it’s a new trend called the “Red String of Fate."

The trend stems from Chinese folklore that says an invisible red string wrapped around a man’s thumb links him to the pinky of the woman he is meant to be with.

Legend has it that Yue Xia Laoren – a love deity – is in charge of the red thread and soulmates who are connected by the thread are destined to be lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstance, according to Wikipedia.

Now lovebirds are taking the fairytale to heart by having a red string tattooed on their fingers as a sign of their everlasting bond to each other, Lift Bump reported.

And it’s not just romantic couples either, some pairs are even getting them tattooed around their ankles and wrists to show their friendship.

Instagram user hisladyofrivas got a matching red string tattoo around her arm with her best friend and wrote in a post on March 16:

“A year from now, we'll all be gone. All our friends will move away. And they're going to better places. But our friends will be gone away. Nothing is as it has been, and I miss your face like hell. And I guess it's just as well, but I miss your face like hell..Rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers till I reach you.”

Jacqualinmaria posted a picture on Instagram on Aug. 15 showing her ankle tattooed with the red string next to her friend who donned the same tattoo.

“After two years of talking about it we've finally got our matching tattoos," the caption read.

On April 19, Instagram user mateoxoxo shared a picture of his pinky with a red string and bow, writing.

“Through the distances of time and space, we are tied by the red string of fate, two hearts, one line, and infinite potential," he wrote in the caption. "Wherever you may be, remember you'll never truly be alone so long as thought exists.”

The string can be twisted and strained, but it can never be broken, much like love.

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