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Realtor Finds 85-Year-Old Love Letters Underneath Home's Floorboards

Realtor Lee Lamont was working on renovating a home in Dallas, Texas, when he discovered a love letter underneath the floor boards.

“The handwriting is very, very pretty, and it’s clearly done with one of the ink-dipped, fountain pens,” Lamont told CBS DFW.

The letter was sent to  Mrs. Emma Brown Sanders from her husband, John Sanders, and is dated May 27, 1927. “It reads, ‘I received a card from Lee’,” said Lamont. “Certainly reading that makes your heart miss a beat, you know?”

Lamont decided to check the crawl space again and found more letters tucked beneath the floorboards, all of which are dated between 1925 and 1928.

“Talking about their church, talking about their faith and about how they need to be strong in some troubling times,” Lamont said of the letters.

However, not all of the letters were sent between the couple. Some were written by J.P. Windle, who is believed to be Emma’s father.

According to census data, John was a pastor and Emma was a cook. Emma died in 1969 and John passes just a few months later. Their son, John Sanwin Sanders, died in 1993.

Lamont believes the letters were meaningful because the house was built in 1947 - meaning the letters were kept for at least 20 years. He hopes to give the letters to his descendants. “I’d like to find the rightful owners of these letters. There’s obviously an heir somewhere and perhaps they’d like to keep these. Cherish these letters of the grandparents and so forth, who clearly had a strong relationship back in the 1920s,” Lamont said.

Lamont’s professional profile says that his job is simple. “I work as hard as I can and for as long as it takes, to get the job done for my clients,” it reads in part. However, his attempt to reunite the love letters with their rightful owners might constitute going above and beyond.

Sources: Lee Lamont/Codwell Banker, CBS DFW Image via CBS DFW


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