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Amusing Real Estate Picture Goes Viral (Photos)

Amusing Real Estate Picture Goes Viral (Photos) Promo Image

A photo advertising a home that's for sale in Melbourne, Australia, has gone viral for an easy-to-miss detail.

The photo, which was posted to Bell Real Estate's website, showcases the property's kitchen, complete with hardwood floors, antique windows and a spacious double sink.

It looks like a typical real estate picture.

But on closer inspection it becomes apparent there is something unusual about the image.

Take a look at the picture below and see if you can spot the anomaly.

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Peeking out from behind the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining room is a 3-year-old boy named Henry, whose hair blends in with the brown steps in the background.

Henry's face is so easy to miss that his parents didn't even notice it until one of their friends, Lorelei Vashti, pointed it out to them.

Vashti later uploaded the photo to her Instagram page with the caption: "I am literally obsessed with this kid who snuck into his family's professional 'house for sale' photo shoot."

"DISCLAIMER: I actually know this kid and this house," she added. "It's fantastic and you should all buy it and move out to Belgrave with us."

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How Henry managed to sneak into the photo is a small mystery, as his mother said she and her husband were keeping a close watch on him to make sure he didn't disrupt the shoot. They even locked him in the laundry room.

"I don’t understand how he did it because I swear I was with him trying to keep him out of the way the whole time," Jenny McAdam told "I think the photographer was completely unaware that Henry was there."

"We were huddling in the laundry locking him in," she explained. "Even the real estate agent was helping me keep him out of the shots."

Further confusing matters is the fact that, according to Jenny, Henry usually will not let anyone take his picture.

"I just don’t understand it because he usually refuses to have his photo taken," she said. "If I try and take his photo he’s like, 'No. No photos.'"

"But he loves doing whatever he’s told not to do … so I guess that’s why he was so keen to get out of the laundry and see what the photographer was up to. He’s very curious ... and he’s a bit of a show pony."

She added that Henry was pleased with the result: "We showed him the photo and pointed out that he was in it and he just smiled and said, 'Yes, that's me.'"

Sources: Lorelei Vashti/Instagram, / Photo credit: Pixabay, Bell Real Estate via Daily Mail

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