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Rat Is Not A Fan Of Broccoli, Way He Rejects Is Really Cute (Video)

Fruits and vegetables are important part of a healthy diet as they provide a lot of nutrients, but one picky pet rat could care less.

Most rodents naturally love fresh broccoli, but just like a little child, Dexter the rat absolutely detests this edible green plant.

No matter how many times the woman behind the camera offers him the healthy food, Dexter does what we all secretly want to do, he throws it out of his house every time.

His owner can't take a hint and constantly tries to make him eat the broccoli, saying, “It’s good for you, Dexter, go on.”

Dexter's owner probably should have pointed out that eating more vegetables can increase longevity, that broccoli sprouts can help with autism, broccoli can ease inflammation and pain, and that is is high in calcium, according to TIME.

The 30-second clip has gone viral since it was first posted to YouTube on Jan. 16, garnering more than 1 million views as of this writing.

Watch the adorable video below:

Sources: Daily MegabyteTIME / Photo Credit: Indigo Blue/YouTube, whologwhy/Flickr Creative Commons


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