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Rapper Tosses Money To Homeless And Films It (Video)

Terrell Davis, a rapper who uses the stage name Ralo, was filmed over the weekend throwing money to homeless people as they scurried to pick up the cash (video below).

Ralo posted the video on his Instagram page Oct. 20 with the caption: "F--- going to the strip club, all the n------ wit money let's go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people... #RALOHOMELESSCHALLENGE."

As the homeless people were waiting in a food line, Ralo counted to three for his cameraman, and then tossed the money. The cameraman laughed as people scrambled for the cash. "They forgot their food!"

Ralo was both praised and slammed by commenters, some of whom felt he was enjoying the homeless people scramble like animals for his cash, notes The Raw Story:

Please reconsider your method of distribution next time. I know people are saying people would have complained either way, but it’s really about a group of people who historically have been stereotyped as less deserving of human decency. "Justice consists in doing no injury to men; decency in giving them no offense."

Very sad. They thought was great. But you truly treated them did respectfully like animals like they get treated daily by others on the street. Very nice but done very distastefully. And why post it? You got the attention you wanted.

"Well, you never know what they been through you know what I'm saying," Ralo told WXIA. "But I'm only here to help them, support them, whatever I can do to help them get their next meal of the day, I'm with it, one hundred percent with it."

No one has opposed Ralo helping the homeless, but rather his method of doing so, which many believe is exploitive.

Ralo said in an extended interview with WXIA:

My friend Gucci Man and I was in the club making it rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. I knew I was making it rain for the wrong reasons because the females are gonna go buy tennis shoes or whatever they had to do with their money. So what I did, I kept my money and I woke up the next morning. I said, "I'm fixing to go give it to all the homeless people." So I made it rain at all the homeless shelters and whatnot.

And I was making it rain because I seen the food lines serving food. So, I was like hurry up and get on to the next market. So that's what's been going on. I feel like I prefer I’d rather give my money to those in need because those people probably needed the money more than anything. You know what I learned about this situation? No matter how much good you do, they still gonna say something bad about you.

However, the outrage is not over Ralo's generosity, but rather releasing footage of the homeless people as they scramble for the money.

Ralo challenged other people to follow his controversial method to help the needy.

Sources: WXIA, The Raw Story, ralofamgoon/Instagram / Photo credit: ralofamgoon/Instagram via YouTube

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