50 Cent Mocks CVG Employee With Disabilities (Video)


Curtis Jackson III, more widely known as rapper 50 Cent, posted a video to social media in which he berated an airport employee with disabilities (video below).

While at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, 50 Cent followed a CVG employee, Andrew Farrell, while recording the encounter on a cellphone. He assumed the man was on drugs.

"This new generation is crazy," 50 Cent said to the camera before turning it on Andrew. "It’s crazy. Look at him. What kind of [expletive] do you think he took before coming to work today? He high as a [expletive] right here in the airport. His pupils dilated and everything ..."

Andrew, who was on his way to clean one of the gates, has a mild form of autism and social anxiety, as noted by WKRC. His family is furious at the way the famous rapper treated their son.

"He’s very upset," said Andrew's mother, Amanda Kramer, as reported by WLWT. "The more I thought about it, the more upset I got, the madder I got. This could hurt him for the future."

"It hurts to watch that, it's painful," said Kent Farrell, Andrew's stepfather. "You come up and you start talking to a kid you know nothing about. That's not fair. That's a slap in the face."

Andrew, a graduate of Conner High School, was proud of the fact that he obtained his CVG job without any help, according to his parents.

"To put this out there saying my son is on drugs or whatever, that is part of his social anxiety," said Kent. "He's not wanting to talk, he's not wanting to communicate, he's walking on and he's doing his job."

Amanda thinks the rapper targeted her son, since he didn’t recognize him right away,

"Personally, I think the guy was mad ...," she said. "I think he was mad and offended that someone didn't flock to him."

The video has disappeared from 50 Cent’s social media accounts, but not before going viral.

"I think he needs to retract it and I would like for him to make a public apology," Kramer said.

Warning: Video contains sensitive language.

Sources: WLWT, WKRC / Photo credit: BroBible

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