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Racist Notes Found On Cars In Oregon Town (Photos)

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Racist messages sealed in plastic bags were reportedly found on cars in Gresham, Oregon.

The fliers, reportedly left on behalf of the Ku Klux Klan, listed 10 goals of the “United Northern & Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” — including returning Christian morality to America and stopping interracial and homosexual relationships, reports KATU.

Gresham resident Kaylyn Lewis told KATU she hadn’t thought about the plastic bag on her car until a few days after it was placed there, when she finally opened it up and read the contents. 

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“It really is hard to believe because I just — it’s 2015, right?” she said. Lewis said she doesn’t think anyone in her neighborhood was responsible for the fliers. 

The plastic bags in which the notes were stored also contained pieces of candy.

A similar incident occurred in May 2014 in Clermont County, Ohio, when fliers containing racial slurs were left on car windshields, reported WLWT.

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Sources: KATU, WLWT / Photo credit: KATU 

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