A video of R. Kelly getting acquainted with a female fan during a concert is set to go viral (video below).

The R&B superstar started his "12 Nights of Christmas" concert series at Fox Theatre in Detroit on Dec. 2, TMZ reported.

While serenading a fan in the front row, things quickly escalated for the "Bump N' Grind" singer.

In a video captured by one of the concert attendees, a female fan is seen wiping R. Kelly's face with a piece of cloth. The singer instructs her to continue wiping him down throughout the song.

"Now wipe my forehead, wipe my cheeks, wipe my nose, now wipe my chin," R. Kelly croons at the fan, who proudly caters to his instructions.

Then R. Kelly ups the ante.

"Now wipe my lips," he sings at the fan. "Now wipe my tongue!"

The fan appears to be unfazed by the singer's unusual requests. She starts rubbing the singer's body, reaching for more private areas and sticking her tongue out at the crowd.

"Keep rubbing me baby," R. Kelly sings. "Now grab it!"

The singer appears to almost immediately regret his decision as the overzealous gets a little too aggressive.

"That's how they do it in [Detroit]?" R. Kelly asked the audience after pulling himself away from the fan. "That's how ya'll feel?"

He then sang, "Trying to pull my sh** off… What the f*** is wrong with you?!"

Sources: TMZ, Celebrity blogs Inc./YouTube / Photo credit: Celebrity blogs Inc./​YouTube

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