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Watch The Adorable Moment When A Pit Bull Puppy Is Reunited With Its Rescuer (Video)

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A pit bull puppy and his rescuer were finally reunited – and the sweet scene that was captured in a viral video (shown below).

Two years ago, after noticing a dog in quite a bit of distress, Joey Wagner decided to investigate further. Wagner discovered that the dog, Mojo, was used as a bait dog and had a terrible life before him. Instead of standing by to watch, Wagner stepped in and saved Mojo’s life.

Wagner took Mojo to the Baie St. Marie Animal Shelter (which he owns) in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the dog received some much needed care. After weeks of treatment, doctors and nursing staff weren’t sure that Mojo would remember Wagner, but they were wrong.

The moment Mojo looks up, he immediately recognizes Wagner in the video. Mojo showers Wagner in kisses and dog hugs in one of the most touching moments that the animal shelter staff can remember.

Wagner later adopted Mojo into his family.

“Mojo is doing great,” Wagner later reported. “He is spoiled … he’s come a long way.”

Wagner added that the events surrounding Mojo’s rescue should encourage others to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

The video has been viewed over 5 million times.

Sources: Life With Dogs, Dog Heirs / Photo Credit: Life With Dogs


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