Puppy Smiles While Being Rescued By Firefighter


A smiling puppy was rescued on March 11 in Parkville, Maryland, by the Providence Volunteer Fire Company, which posted pictures of the pup on Facebook.

Walter Sanders is the firefighter/EMT carrying the happy canine to safety from an apartment building blaze, according to Mashable.

The pictures were a hit with Facebook commenters after being posted on March 11:

"Aww, God bless all of you firefighters that rescued the sweet puppy! You are our heroes & we're grateful for all your hard work & sacrifice!"

"That's My Dude Walter!!! Always in the right place at the right time."

"God bless the brave fireman who rescued a puppy! He has a very big heart and soul just saved a puppy's life."

"Where the parents of the puppy and how did the fire start? Good thing y'all got there just in time to save that beautiful pup."

"Firefighters are AWESOME!! Thank you"

This is not the first puppy to go viral in 2016. A 5-month-old dog named Herbert, who smiles a toothy grin when he hears the words "Say Cheese," became a video sensation back in January.

Herbert is a foster dog that was rescued from a pound in Christmas 2015 by PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter. The grinning American Staffordshire Terrier was one of several dogs who fell ill at the pound from a dog influenza outbreak in the Windy City.

"The best thing about the [viral] video is seeing Herbert come out of his shell," Sarah McDonald, who does media relations at PAWS Chicago, told ABC News.

"When he first came to us, he was really timid and he displayed some signs showing he was under-socialized," McDonald added. "His feet were splayed, which probably means he may have spent a lot of his puppyhood in a cage."

At the time of the report, Herbert was living with a foster family but was expected to be placed up for adoption.

"He's just one wonderful example of all the other amazing animals you can find at your local shelter," McDonald said. "They're eager to please, learn and to have a warm, welcoming permanent home."

Sources: Mashable, Providence Volunteer Fire Company/Facebook, ABC News / Photo Credit: Providence Volunteer Fire Company/Facebook

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