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Puppy Hilariously Tries To Hide Accident (Photos)

It's pretty normal for puppies to have accidents indoors. Since they have tiny bladders and are still learning the intricacies of housetraining with their young brains, finding something unwanted on your floor every now and again is just an unpleasant inevitability for raising a cute, cuddly pup.

Dogs usually know when they did something wrong, and a lot of the time, you can tell how guilty they feel when they realize that they should have gone to the bathroom outside instead of on your floor or avoided whatever mischief they got into. A lot of the time, the tone of your voice is enough to set them off and make them realize that they messed up. Sometimes they even try to hide the evidence of their transgressions.

That is exactly what Pablo the puppy did, and we have to say, he did a pretty good job attempting to clean up the mess he made.

Rapper Billie Band$, whose real name is Acelin Hampton, says he loves his puppy a ton and features him in his social media photos from time to time, notes BoredPanda.

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Pablo, whom Hampton sometimes refers to as his "son," even has his own Twitter page.

‌When Pablo, who looks like a pit bull mix, was still a tiny pup in October 2016, he went with Hampton to a friend's house one night and had an accident in the bathroom, according to Shareably. It happens. But this accident stood out from all the rest, because Pablo tried to clean it up himself by pulling off a whole roll of toilet paper and covering the urine puddle with it.

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"This is so cute LMAO," wrote one Twitter user.

Another person said they were "impressed" with the smart dog.

"Lmao you gotta just sit down and talk to him at this point," commented another. "He tried."

Hampton said that he couldn't even be mad at the young pup for that. After seeing his human clean up after him in a similar manner over and over, Pablo must have finally learned how to deal with an accident.

And who couldn't be charmed by this precious face, anyway?

A few months later, Pablo is a little bigger and is almost fully grown. Hopefully by now the adorable pup is a little better potty trained and doesn't have accidents in the house anymore, although we have to give him kudos for the brilliant clean-up attempt.

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