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Pup Caught 'Red-Pawed' With Head Stuck In Empty Tissue Box (Video)

A dog owner enters his living room to discover a huge mess of torn up tissues all over the floor. But which one of his adorable dogs is the real culprit?

In a video posted to YouTube by 2000Foxflyer, two dogs are blamed for making a mess in their play room where Kleenex tissues can be seen all over the place. The owner first points the finger at Gnarly sitting on the couch, but when the camera pans over to Kacy the dog, it is pretty obvious who committed the act.

The box-headed pup was caught red-handed. “Kacy, did you tear the Kleenex up? Did you do that? I think you did,” the owner says.

"This was not a staged or rehearsed video," the description of the video reads. "I guess Kacy wanted the last tissue in the box and put her head in too far. Noticed her in the play room standing stoic with the box on her head.”

The clip has garnered over 400,000 views as of this writing.

Watch the video below:

Sources: Liftbump, FaithTapPhoto Credit: 2000Foxflyer/YouTube


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