Pub Rewards Customers For Leaving Cars Overnight, Not Driving Home Drunk (Photos)


A pub in Canada decided to go above and beyond to prevent customers from drinking and driving.

A patron at Duffy’s Pub in Kaloomps, British Columbia, shared a photo to Imgur of a note he received from staff at the bar, thanking him for leaving his car at their establishment the night before and choosing to find a safer way home. Enclosed with the note was a $25 coupon.

“Thank you for visiting us here at Duffy’s Pub,” the note read. “I hope you had a great experience last night and I want to thank you for leaving your vehicle here and chose a safer way of getting home. Attached you will find a small token of our appreciation. Hope to see you more at Duffy’s Pub.”

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The pub’s commendable gesture received praise from people throughout social media.

“Why don't all bars do this?,” one wrote.

“Need more pubs like this,” another added.

What do you think of Duffy’s effort to keep people from driving drunk?

Sources: ImgurIJReview

Image Source: Imgur


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