Pro Wrestler Tommy Dreamer Rates Buffalo Bills Fans' Wrestling Moves At Tailgate Parties (Video)

Professional wrestler Tommy Dreamer critiqued the wrestling moves of Buffalo Bills fans who smashed tables -- and each other -- during pre-game tailgate parties (video below).

Dreamer made his observations on the Fox Sports 1 show "Garbage Time with Katie Nolan." He rated the fans with 1 to 10 Singapore canes, Deadspin reports.

The WWE wrestler first advised Bills fans to clear their card tables of paper cups before dropping someone through the furniture.

"They are totally prostituting my signature move," Dreamer said of the first wrestling clip. "Hate it, can't stand it."

Dreamer rated a "choke slam" of Santa Claus by a Bills fan even lower because the two men in the clip discussed the move before doing it, ruining the spontaneity of the precious moment.

The pro wrestler said that a Bills fan who tried and failed to do a RKO move amounted to "horrible, horrible execution."

Dreamer did give high marks to a Bills fan who performed a backflip and landed on top of another fan who was lying on a table in a move referred to as a moonsault.

Sources: Deadspin, Syracuse.com / Photo credit: Katie Nolan/YouTube

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