Pro-Trump Garbage Men Threaten To Deport Driver (Video)

Two garbage men got into a screaming match with a motorist in New York City on March 17 (video below).

A garbage truck was blocking the driver who yelled at the sanitation workers to move it, but the garbage men told the man that he should be deported and invoked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, reports the New York Daily News.

"Behave or you’ll be deported,” one garbage man yells at the driver in a video filmed by a bystander.

“Where’s Trump? Where’s Trump when you need him?” adds the second garbage man.

The man in the car tries to pull around the truck, and the second garbage man jumps in front of it and yells, "Hit me! Hit me!"

The man honks his horn and the second garbage man curses and appears to challenge the driver to a fight.

The first garbage man drives the truck away, but the second stays behind and shouts, "I said, hit me!"

The man backs his car up while the first garbage man comes to retrieve his co-worker.

The driver then pulls around the garbage truck and drives off.

“I just thought it was bizarre,” a witness, who identified himself as Chuck, told the New York Daily News. “The [SUV driver] was angry that the sanitation workers were blocking the street, but they took it to another level.”

“They got crazy,” Chuck added.

A Department of Sanitation spokeswoman said that the sanitation workers were identified and “will be issued complaints.”

City Hall spokeswoman Amy Spitalnik added that the workers had been suspended, and the incident is being investigated.

“This was just the reaction of some guys in the field,” Harry Nespoli, the president of the Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association, told the newspaper. “The public has a tendency to yell at us for blocking the street. We tell our guys not to get into arguments with the public, so this was more or less them turning around and being frustrated with this gentleman.”

“I don’t think they meant what they said about Trump,” Nespoli added.

“We are looking for someone who supports labor and the middle class,” the union leader said.

A poll by the Siena Research Institute released on March 7 found that Trump had the support of 45 percent of Republican voters in New York state, reported the New York Daily News.

The poll also found that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had the support of 80 percent of her party, and would defeat Trump in the state 57 to 34 percent.

Clinton also came out on top against all other Republicans, as did Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Sources: New York Daily News (2) / Photo credit: New York Daily News/YouTube

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