Prince Seemed To Know Death Was Coming


Pop superstar Prince reportedly knew his death was coming, as he had just begun writing his memoirs a month earlier.

TMZ reported that sources close to Prince confirmed he was working on his memoirs, which came as a shock to some. The idea was something he had been considering for years, but never actually embarked on. At the time of his death, Prince had 50 pages written.

More clues into the singer’s death began to emerge in the hours following his passing, including his final words during an appearance at his Paisley Park estate.

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers,” Prince reportedly said. 

Just days before his death, Prince performed two concerts at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia, which had been rescheduled from earlier in the month. 

“You would not believe that he was singing ill. He sounded true to his talents and it was an amazing performance,” Prince fan and Atlanta attendee Nicholas Wolaver told The New York Times. Wolaver said that Prince “got up and danced” during the performance and “left people wanting a little more” after three encores.

After the Atlanta shows and the emergency plane landing and hospital trip that prompted more rumors of dire health, Prince was spotted riding a bike near his home only days before he passed.

“I saw this person biking pretty quickly around the parking lot, but it wasn’t until he got close to my car and I made eye contact with him that I realized it was actually Prince,” 17-year-old Kaitlyn Powell said. “I kind of second-guessed myself because he wasn’t wearing purple.”

Powell said she then saw Prince sitting by himself on a sidewalk.

“I got my phone out to take a picture and he asked me not to,” she said.  “I said, O.K., I respect that, put my phone away and went to work.”

Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis, Minnesota, released a statement following Prince’s death.

“For the residents of Minneapolis, the loss of Prince is too large to describe,” the statement read. “Prince never left us and we never left him.”

Sources: TMZ, The New York Times / Photo credit: Scott Penner/Flickr

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