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Mothers Allegedly Given Identical 3D Ultrasound Images

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An investigation is underway as several expectant mothers were reportedly given the same stock image of a 3D ultrasound, thinking the photo was of their child.

Carolyn Yeo was afraid that she had suffered a miscarriage when she went to BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, in April, Global News Canada reports.

"I wanted to get a picture in case something did happen and I’d have something tangible of the baby," Yeo told the news station.

She was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and was relieved that the child appeared to be healthy.

"I thought the baby looked advanced for 16 weeks in the picture," Yeo said. " ... So I was a little surprised but I didn’t question anything because at the time everything seemed fine."

Jennifer Cusimano, who is almost 21 weeks pregnant, went to BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging in May, roughly a month after Yeo went. Although she recalled barely being able to see her child during the ultrasound, the technician handed her an image and said she "cleaned them up a bit," Cusimano told CTV Toronto.

"I thought it was weird, but thought maybe they’re just really good at what they do," Cusimano added.

On May 17, Cusimano posted her ultrasound image in a Facebook group for expectant moms. Yeo posted her ultrasound image to the same group just hours later.

Another member of the group then pointed out the similarities between Cusimano and Yeo's photos.

"So me and [Yeo] started talking and it was very clear the picture was the exact same," Cusimano told Global News Canada.

Cusimano then started the Facebook group BabyView 3D Scam! so other expectant moms could come forward with their stories; the page has over 1,200 members as of May 20. 

Since then, at least 13 women reportedly confirmed that they received the exact same image as Cusimano and Yeo. Many of the women were at different stages in their pregnancies, and their babies were of different genders.

Some of women have since filed police complaints, and the police said they're in the early stages of an investigation into the incidents.

"I'm very angry, I’m very frustrated," Yeo told Global News Canada. "I think that taking advantage of people like this is terrible."

BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging released a statement on Facebook on May 19, saying the incident was due to "some technical glitch." 

Adeel Adeel Mir, husband of the BabyView 3D owner, told CTV Toronto that he and his wife would be happy to refund the service and retake the images free of cost.

However, many people are not convinced that the incident was due to a technical problem.

"You willingly and purposefully printed off images from your website and handed them out to your customers," one woman wrote in response to the company's Facebook statement. "People who paid for a service. People who thought the were holding images of their children."

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