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Kylie Jenner Conceals Tummy In Video Shoot With Sisters

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Reality TV star Kylie Jenner and her co-star sisters bared it all for an underwear video shoot. But Kylie had the covers firmly over her abdomen, hiding her alleged pregnancy. Whether Kylie is pregnant is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. But as the video shoot went­ on, Kylie sent yet another strong message when she posed for the Calvin Klein shoot with her belly entirely hidden.

Her sisters Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, and Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian stripped down to their bras and panties for the sexy video shoot, which saw all the women lie on a quilt. And while they all had their tummies out -- including the pregnant Khloe -- Kylie, 20, covered herself up to her bra.

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"Our family. Closer than ever," read the caption for the snap. But that was not what social media users were staring at. "Is Kylie hiding a baby!" said one commenter, while another person joked she had been "strategically positioned beneath the blanket."​

"If Kylie Jenner is not pregnant, why then is she hiding her stomach? For the sake of curiosity, I want to know this... why is Jenner the ONLY person covering her belly???" asked another, clearly confused and wanting answers to the mystery. It is the first time Kylie has graced Instagram since her cover of Love Magazine, which was uploaded on Dec. 25.

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A source claimed that Kylie will make a blistering comeback to Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter after she has had her baby -- even though the pregnancy is still a rumor. Kylie also reportedly intends to introduce her newborn as part of a comeback that will accompany a re-branding. A source said Kylie will publicize the tot's birth online. Kylie has reportedly been "chilling at home" and just enjoying life, the source said.

She has reportedly also enjoyed her time away from all the paparazzi. It is the first time in her entire life where she isn’t being followed by cameras, Kylie’s just wants to enjoy this solitude, a source claimed.

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Once the baby comes, Kylie will likely make a statement and introduce the baby to her fans. She’s also reportedly enthusiastic to still be her authentic self, which means being a mother and bringing that to her fans. The news is going to welcomed by her millions of followers who have mourned the social media silence of their Kardashian fave. Kylie will probably also be happy to get back to being social. Ever since going AWOL, she has been the topic of rumors.

But then again, other fans put forward a different theory and it is rapidly taking over social media. They believe that Kylie is hiding because she could not get lip fillers during her pregnancy. In 2015, Kylie finally confessed, after years of speculation, that she had plumped her lips with fillers since she was 17 years old. Since then, she launched a successful line of cosmetics, focusing on her famous pouty lip products.

Because it's not advisable to have lip fillers during pregnancy, due to the health risks, some believe she has stayed out of the limelight and isn't posting selfies because her lips are back to their natural shape and fullness. Kylie has not confirmed if she is pregnant and has not commented on a reason for her lack of posts on social media.

Source: People / Featured Image: Disney ABC Television Group/Flickr / Embedded Images: Toglen/Wikimedia Commons, Mark Zapanta/Wikimedia Commons, David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

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