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Pregnancy Prank Backfires On Girlfriend (Video)

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A prank staged by a woman to convince her boyfriend she was pregnant went terribly wrong when the boyfriend uncovered a secret, followed by an even more shocking revelation.

In the video (shown below), the girlfriend was seen on a hidden camera calling her boyfriend in to their living room for a talk. 

"What's going on?" the boyfriend asks.

"I want to show you something," the woman replies. She then presents him with a pregnancy test and an ultrasound picture. 

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"This is a prank?" the boyfriend asks. "Are you pranking me?"

After the girlfriend informs him that it is not, in fact, a prank, he suddenly accuses her of cheating.

"Why do you think that I cheated on you?" the girlfriend asks.

"Don't you understand?" he yells in response. "I can't have children! I'm unable to have children. So if you are pregnant it's not mine."

The two then begin arguing, with the shocked girlfriend questioning why she wasn't informed of this earlier.

"We've been together for three years!" she exclaims.

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After a few minutes of intense tears, the boyfriend begins laughing uncontrollably and reveals that he had actually been pranking her the whole time.

"You are f***** kidding me," he says. "I know that you are pranking me!"

He then points out the hidden camera, telling her that he noticed it right away.

Response to the video was mixed, with many questioning whether the whole incident was staged.

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"I think we're the ones getting pranked," one Redditor commented. 

"Yep, he looks straight into the camera in the start of the video. fake. EDIT... Ah... got it now... he 'double pranked her back.' Thanks for the replies to straighten me out," another said.

"Well I mean... that only proves exactly what the video is trying to show you... that HE noticed it and got her back..." another viewer replied.

Check out the double prank below.

Sources: Imgur, Reddit

Photo Credit: Screen capture via YouTube


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