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'Practice Coloring This Turtle': Driver Gets Amusing Note On Windshield For Botched Parking Job (Photo)

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A driver was greeted by a passive-aggressive note on their car's windshield as a result of a botched park job.

The note included an outline of a turtle with a harsh message above and below it.

“Many three year olds have trouble staying within the lines,” the note read. “Maybe if you practice coloring this turtle, it will help with your parking.”

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The note was posted to Imgur on Oct. 29 and quickly went viral, garnering over 2.5 million views in just one day.

Sharing passive-aggressive notes online has become somewhat of a phenomenon.

Despite the humor in many of these notes, some aren’t at all amusing. A recent incident in Texas involving a disabled veteran who allegedly didn't "look handicapped" and was subsequently criticized for parking in a handicap spot sparked outrage among readers, reports.

Sources: Imgur, / Photo credit: Imgur


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