'Are You Natalie?': Target Employees Do Something Amazing For Little Girl Whose Christmas Present Was Broken

A lot of toys are forgotten as the magic of the holidays fades, but not for Michele Berg’s 9-year-old daughter Natalie. All Natalie wanted for Christmas this year was a talking Cayla doll, but the toy had a missing spring so the batteries wouldn’t stay in place. 

"She was just devastated," Berg told KARE 11. "I told her that Santa works with Target and that when Christmas is over and Santa recovers, we'd figure something out.”

Berg called an employee identified as Judy at the Target store in Andover, Minnesota, in order to get the doll replaced. When Berg and Natalie went to pick up the doll, they spoke with a Target employee with Maggie. What happened next has gone viral, as Berg wrote about it on Facebook Dec. 29:

Maggie said "Oh! Are you Natalie?!" My (daughter’s) eyes got big..."Yes" Maggie said "Oh..Santa was here and left a new doll for you!" 

My daughter was so excited! She said Santa works with Target to fix toys that the elves might have not put together correctly. We bought a few other items and as we were checking out, the cashier saw the doll and said "Are you Natalie?" Her eyes got big..."yes" (It was Judy who I talked to earlier!) She said "Oh! I saw your new doll back there that Santa brought in!" My daughter was just amazed! She said "Wow..I must be famous!”

I cannot thank the wonderful staff who did this enough! They really touched a little girl and kept the magic of Christmas alive for her. Thank you Target for having such great staff that made today special for my little girl!

Berg’s story was liked nearly 400,000 times and shared over 19,000 times as of Dec. 30. She was stunned at the reaction.

"It blows my mind,” Berg told KARE 11. “My phone just has been going off constantly. I kept checking and it was 70,000, 80,000, 90,000. I'm just going, 'Holy moly!' I'm glad people are happy. It's a little surreal."

Sources: KARE 11, Target/Facebook / Photo Credit: Michele Berg via KARE 11

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