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LAPD Helps Teen With Tie For First Day Of School (Photo)

Two Los Angeles police officers got a bit of positive press this week after they stopped and helped a 14-year-old boy tie a necktie. 

Officers Jonathan Maldonado and Alberto Ladesma of the Los Angeles Police Department's Hollenbeck Division were patrolling Aug. 13, when a woman and her son flagged them down.

“We slowed down and asked them what was going on, and they seemed a little nervous to say at first,” Maldonado told KNBC News.  “But they asked us if we knew how to tie a tie.”

Maldonado said he was happy to help. He first put the tie around his neck and tied it, then placed it on the teen, who was reportedly headed to his first day at a local high school. 

Someone snapped pictures of the kind gesture and sent them to the Hollenbeck Division. Not long after that, the photos were posted to the division’s Twitter account. In the pictures the two officers, can be seen posing with the boy, and Maldonado is seen adjusting the young man’s tie. 

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“It would have been a lot easier if he had one of these, because these are clip-on,” Maldonado joked, running his fingers along his uniform’s tie, when he spoke with KNBC. 

“So unfortunately I only know how to do one knot,” he said. “But, you know what, the young man looked sharp, and he looked ready to go and enthusiastic so I am sure it went well for him.”

Maldonado said the mother was extremely thankful. 

“That’s what we are here for, you know, we are here to serve the community,” Maldonado said. 

It’s the second time in less than month an officer has been caught on camera extending such a helping hand. 

Just days before his retirement a Jersey City, New Jersey, officer was also photographed tying a young man’s tie, The Jersey Journal reported July 31. 

The photo of the Officer Charley Casserly shows him helping a well-dressed young man adjust a tie.

It was snapped by Jersey City resident, Lashambi B. Moore,  who said she just wanted to share the act of kindness with others. She said Casserly spent 30 minutes with the boy, helping him. 

“I only posted it to make others feel good because it made me feel good,” Moore said.

Sources: KNBC News, Twitter: LAPD Hollenbeck, The Jersey Journal

Photo Credit: Twitter: LAPD Hollenbeck, Lashambi B. Moore via The Jersey Journal


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