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Porsche Owner Takes Car In For Repairs, Mechanics Make Surprising Error (Photos)

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A Porsche owner received a major shock when the mechanics who fixed his luxury ride returned it with a major error that changed the logo on the bumper from "Porsche" to "Porshce."

Following a minor car accident that left the car with a dent in the bumper, the owner brought his cherished vehicle to mechanics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to have it fixed. When it was returned, the bumper seemed to be in perfect condition, reported Daily Mail. What the driver soon realized was that the mechanics misspelled the name of the car to "Porshce."

"A friend in Dubai took his 911 in for a prang repair, this is what Porsche did,” the driver’s friend, Ollie Martin, wrote on Twitter. “BRILLIANT!”

Check out the stunning mistake below. 

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Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Twitter via Daily Mail


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