Popular Rapper Sees Man’s Hat, Decides To Fight Him

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When rapper Tone Loc saw someone wearing a hat with a Confederate flag on it, he decided he was not going to sit back idly and not say something. Video footage shows the rapper confronting the man with the hat at the Midland International Air & Space Port in Odessa, Texas. However, security did not approve of the way the rapper was going about the confrontation and handcuffed him before escorting him off the airfield.

During the confrontation, Tone Loc does not hold back the verbal punches. He shouts at the man and woman with the confederate memorabilia saying, “F*** you Confederate s***.”

The witness pulled out their camera and videotaped the altercation. They have begged to remain anonymous. The witnessed claimed that the teenage boy was wearing the hat with the Confederate flag on it, and Tone Loc decided he would say something. The witnessed watched Tone Loc approach the man with the hat and ask him to remove it because of its racist connotation.

When the teenage boy refused to take the hat off, the boy’s parents, who are allegedly the man and woman in the video, step over and shout at the rapper that their son can wear whatever he wants to wear.

Because things started to get loud, airport security rushed over. They handcuffed Tone Loc, but they did not arrest him. A spokesperson for the City of Midland made it clear that Tone Loc was not arrested only detained so as to protect him from doing something he may later regret.

Shortly after the video cuts out, the rapper is released. That’s when the rapper and the pro-Confederate family decide to part ways and leave each other alone.

Tone Loc is most famous for his hit songs “Wild Thing” and “Funky Cold Medina.”

In the video, you can watch Tone Loc get very upset that the teenage boy is wearing the hat with the Confederate flag on the hat. Because the Confederacy betrayed the United States of America and took up arms against it, it was a group of traitors who were fighting to preserve slavery for economic reasons. Because slave labor was a lot cheaper, it afforded the rich people in the South to produce goods at a much cheaper rate than the Northern industrialists who had factories but were forced to pay their workers an hourly wage. This meant that because the Southern plantation owners had slave labor, their prices were artificially low since they were not paying their workers any wages.

Tone Loc was most successful back in the 1980s when his hits were on the radio. He was born in Los Angeles. It has been thirty years since his debut hit was released to the public. He still performs shows and is currently on the line up in Las Vegas, Baton Rouge, and Nashville.

Although the airport security detained the rapper, he was not arrested or charged with any crimes in the Confederate flag incident.

What do you think about the video footage caught by the witness?

Sources: KCBD / Photo Credit: Post Image

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