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Police: Woman Reports Neighbor Chanting 'ISIS Is Good' During Sex (Video)

A 82-year-old woman called the police after hearing strange noises from a couple who were having sex in her apartment building in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, on Dec. 20 (video below).

The elderly woman said she heard someone chanting, “ISIS is good, ISIS is great,” during intercourse, notes WDJT-TV.

"An officer went and spoke to her about her concerns and advised her that if she heard it again to give us a call," Brown Deer Police Chief Michael Kass told WITI. "She could not pinpoint to where it was coming from."

The story went viral, and was thoroughly mocked on the Web.

"We encourage people that if they see something, to say something," Kass told WITI. "So you know, we don't discredit the story. We investigated it to the best we could with the knowledge we have."

"Who's to say where a potential terrorist cell is located?" Kass added. "I can't dismiss that there would never be one in Brown Deer, so we do take all of these serious and we do want people to report suspicious things."

Kass admitted that the elderly woman has some medical issues that may have affected her perception.

Sources: WDJT-TV, WITI / Image credit: WITI Screenshot

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