Police: Woman Gave Birth To Baby Fathered By Boy, 11

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A 25-year-old woman living in Port Richey, Florida, was arrested on June 27 for allegedly having sex with an 11-year-old boy who reportedly fathered her baby.

According to People, Marissa Ashley Mowry was arrested outside Busch Gardens in Tampa. She works at the theme park as a food attendant.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff police report said that Mowry began having sex with the boy when she was 22, notes The Associated Press.

Mowry reportedly became pregnant and gave birth in 2014. She allegedly continued to sleep with the boy until he was 14 years old.

According to officials, Mowry's toddler is currently in the care of a responsible adult, while Mowry is being held in jail without bond.

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WFLA reports that Mowry was charged with 15 total counts of sexual battery on a child.

The sexual battery charge carries a mandatory life sentence in Florida.

Investigators said that Mowry confessed to having sex with the boy.

According to authorities, both Mowry and the boy were living in Brandon during the sexual activity, but it has not been revealed how the two knew each other because police do not want to reveal the boy's identity.

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Police became involved in the situation after an unidentified person called an abuse tip line in Pasco County in April.

In Mowry’s original statement to deputies, she reportedly said the boy forced himself on her while she was asleep and "highly medicated" with Amoxicillin and Benadryl.

Mowry allegedly told the boy to "stop" while he had sex with her.

However, Mowry reportedly denied this story during a conversation with the boy that was recorded by police.

According to deputies, Mowry is currently pregnant, but the boy is not the father.

An unidentified friend of Mowry told WFLA that Mowry had a troubled upbringing that included running away from home, drug use and appearances in juvenile courts.

Mowry's mother is reportedly devastated by this recent turn of events.

Mowry's neighbors said that Mowry’s boyfriend recently returned from a military deployment, and was stunned to learn that Mowry's toddler was fathered by a boy.

Viewers weighed in on the bizarre situation on WFLA's website:

And, being as stupid as some of our judicial system has known to be, the DMV will prevent the "dad" from getting his DL until he pays child support.

Media bias in full bloom. This wasn't "having sex." Its a child being brutally raped by a pedophile and sexual predator. Simply switch the genders and the man would not get out of prison alive.

I suppose there will be people out there who will say that the boy will "be fine" and it's natural with "them." No he won't and no it's not. That deviant is a pedo and anyone who cannot see that also has something in their closet.

Sources: The Associated Press, WFLA, People / Photo credits: David Roseborough/Flickr, mahalie stackpole/Wikimedia Commons, Øyvind Holmstad/Wikimedia Commons

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