Police Officer's Act Of Kindness Towards Homeless Man Goes Viral


A Morrison, Illinois, resident caught a local police officer on camera helping a homeless man. 

Alex Fischbach told KWQC that he snapped a photo of the good deed because he wanted to show that most police officers were “very compassionate people who do their job the right way.”

Fischbach was at a local McDonald’s restaurant with his fiancee when he saw a Sheriff’s Deputy pull up in his car with a homeless man in the back seat. 

“He went up to the lady at the counter, kind of explained the situation, how he picked him up on Route 30,” Fischbach told the news station.

“It’s really cold," the officer told the woman, according to Fischbach. "Is it okay if he sits in here for awhile?"

The woman agreed, and the officer then asked the homeless man if he had any money, to which the man responded yes. The officer then attempted to give him more money.

“The guy tried to refuse,” Fischbach said. “Obviously the cop being an awesome person was like, no, let me give you some more. So he gave him some. They shook hands and the cop walked out.”

Fischbach posted a photo of the good deed to Facebook on Jan. 2, and the post garnered over 6,000 shares in two days.

“With all the post out there about how awful law enforcement is, let this be a simple reminder," Fischbach wrote in the post. "Not all cops are bad. This man deserves all the praise he can get."

Sources: KWQC, Alex Fischbach/Facebook / Photo credit: KWQC 

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